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Sport Injuries & Acupuncture: Muscle Channel Technique

What is Muscle Channel Technique?

Muscle Channel Technique (MCT) is a unique style of acupuncture in which needles are inserted at access and anchor points along 12 regular muscle channels to correct pathology and restore health.

It differs from regular acupuncture in that it uses muscle channels and not the organ channels normally used in acupuncture. The chosen point will be mostly on the ankles, knees, elbows and wrists. Some needles will be inserted perpendicularly, others horizontally. Electricity will be hooked on the needles, and left for 20 minuets. Some of the needles will be retained for longer period to provide constant Qi arrival and maximize the therapeutic effect.

The needles send Qi and blood to open the blockage and nourish the injured tissues, joints or organs which lack circulation.

Sometimes the patient will go home with a needle taped to the limb.

This technique is extremely effective in treating sports injuries, injuries of the upper and lower extremities and spinal problems:

Stiff neck, whiplash injury, TMJ, arthritis of the fingers, tendonitis, shoulder problems, tennis or golfer' elbow, carpal tunnel syndrome, early stages of trigger finger, finger dislocation, post-surgical reductions, spinal problems, hips, knee pain, post knee surgery, ankle sprains, shin splints, plantar fasciatis, achilles tendonitis, inguinal hernia, sciatica, foot problems are some of the problems treated with this amazing technique.